Tilley is proudly the oldest 100% Australian owned soap manufacturer, recently celebrating its 150-year anniversary. Founded by Arthur Tilley in 1865, who migrated from England with his family at the age of eight, the Tilley brand has overseen two world wars, a great depression, a GFC and many more challenges - yet still managed to create beautifully scented products that continue to surprise and entice their loyal fan base.

Arthur was often quoted as saying, “A soap maker is never done learning the art of making soap” - a saying that still plays a big part of the brand’s success and one of the reasons why Tilley continues to deliver premium products for the home and body.

It’s safe to say that 155 years later, the creative and innovative skills Arthur embedded into Tilley are still strong. Soap making is still an art, a soap maker’s work is never done, and the brand is busy preparing for another 155 years (and more!) of triumphs in Australia, New Zealand and around the world.

Rough-Cut Soap

Indulge in our delicately crafted rough-cut soap bars that will liven the senses. Made with a premium blend of sustainable palm and coconut oils, Shea butter and vitamin E, our fragrant rough-cut soaps are a staple in every household.

Specialty Health Soaps

We have a range of Specialty Health Soaps for specific skin conditions. From goat’s milk, marcelia, olive oil and oatmeal soaps for dry & sensitive skin, to tea tree and coal tar soaps for cleansing & purifying skin, our Specialty Health Soaps suit many skin types.

Soap Gift Packs

We also offer soaps in beautiful gift sets – perfect for gifting, or guest rooms. Using a premium blend of sustainable palm and coconut oils, purified water, sea salt, fragrance, vegetable glycerine, with added Shea butter and natural vitamin E, our gift soaps will leave skin friends & family feeling enriched and moisturised.

View all of our Soap Gift Packs today or browse through the entire Tilley Soaps range of products.

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