Drop a Tilley Scented Bath Bomb in your tub to fizz away the stress of daily life and enjoy a warm and fragrant bath. Our Bath Bombs are generously aromatic and packed with natural scents and flavours to ensure that every bath you take with a Tilley Bath Bomb is the ultimate relaxation experience.

Scented Bath Bomb Swirls

Tilley’s Scented Bath Bomb Swirls are a combination of delicious scents mixed into one beautiful Bath Bomb. Each Tilley Bath Bomb Swirl is made of unique ingredients and scents and promises a refreshing, relaxing and luxurious bath. With scents like Coconut & Lime, Mango Delight and Pink Lychee, your senses will be transported straight to the tropics using our revitalising and vibrant Bath Bomb Swirls. Use our Violet Fields and Millefleur flavoured Bath Bomb Swirls to immerse yourself in therapeutic and soft fragrances.

Scented Bath Bombs

Our original Tilley Scented Bath Bombs are a must have at the end of a long day. Relax and unwind with your favourite scents and come out of your bath feeling refreshed and renewed. Choose scents like White Flower and Lavender for a soft, floral and feminine fragrance or pick Peony Rose or Lemon Myrtle for a clean, fresh and uplifting bath.

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