We all love the alluring scent and warm glow of a candlelit flame, but did you know that some scented soy candles can actually be harmful and create indoor pollution? Combining different types of waxes and wicks can produce varied results when burned. This is why at Tilley we make it a priority to use safer, toxin-free alternatives to other candle types.

Types of Candles

As a flame lights the candle's wick and melts the wax, the vapor acts as a fuel source combining with oxygen to ignite and form a constant flame. Besides air, the two primary components of any candle, therefore are waxes and wicks. These can vary vastly and many different types of materials have been used in the past.

Synthetic waxes such as paraffin wax can emit harmful chemicals when burned. As a result, some scented candles can be a huge source of indoor air pollution.

As for wicks, the best you can find are made of natural materials such as cotton or paper, however, many candle-makers add heavy metals to their wicks to help make them firmer. These metals can include lead and be hazardous to your health when burned.

Tilley uses premium soy wax and vegetable wax blend on lead-free cotton wicks. Soy and vegetable waxes ensure a more natural burn and reduce the risk of allergies, while also maintaining a longer burn time at a much safer temperature than paraffin candles. This means that you can enjoy Tilley candles for a safe, toxin-free and sustainable burn time while filling your room with exquisite, expertly picked scents that will relax your body, mind, and soul.

Tilley Classic White Scented Soy Candles

Each Tilley Classic White Scented Soy Candle is a beautiful blend of premium soy wax and natural scents that are carefully hand poured in our classic white glass containers. Our elegant soy candles are made from sustainable, biodegradable soy wax and lead-free cotton wicks to ensure a clean and environmentally friendly flame. They can burn cleanly for up to 45 hours and are an elegant addition to any home and environment.

Scents of Nature Scented Soy Candles

If you're looking for a little more colour in your life our scents of nature scented soy candles may be more to your liking. Tilley uses premium vegetable based soy wax, scented with limited edition and seasonal scents including our limited edition Black Orchid range. The Scents of Nature range is made with premium ingredients and hand poured in Australia with lead-free wicks.

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