Fragrance your home with an inviting reed diffuser that will rejuvenate your living space. Tilley reed fragrance diffusers are elegantly designed and are easy to use.
These diffusers are all made with the finest quality ingredients with a formula to last longer. Fragrance reed diffusers also offer a long-lasting scent of your choice.

What is a Reed Diffuser?

Reed diffusers are a fantastic home fragrance alternative to candles when wanting to bring scent to a room without the use of a heat or a flame. They use a simple wick system, which allows fragrance oil to seep through the reeds, in-turn dispersing scent into the air. 

How do you use a Reed Diffuser?

Using a Tilley reed diffuser is as easy as it gets! 
  1. Remove the stopper and insert the reeds. 
  2. For the best results, flip over the reeds to ensure the fragrance stays consistent throughout the week. 

How long do Reed Diffusers last?

A Tilley reed diffuser will last for approximately six months - the reeds also need to be changed approximately every six months. If the fragrance is not as strong as you would prefer, you can flip the reeds over.

Tilley Soaps, long-lasting & triple scented Reed Diffusers

Whether you pick one of our best-selling reed diffusers like the Toasted Marshmallow, or a classic like our Tasmanian Lavender, our reed diffusers are made of the finest quality ingredients with a long-lasting formula. Browse our range of Tilley reed diffusers online today. 

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